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October 30, 2008

1.7.0 Codes and Standards

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1.7.0                 Codes and Standards to be followed:


The design, manufacture, inspection and testing of Systems equipments shall comply with all the currently applicable statutes, regulations and safety codes in the locality where the equipment is to be installed.  The equipments  shall conform to the latest edition of the following standards and codes. Other internationally acceptable standards/codes, which ensure equal or higher performance than those specified, shall also be accepted.  Nothing in this specification shall be construed to relieve the contractor of the required statutory responsibility.  In case of any conflict in the standard and this specification, the decision of the Project Manager shall be final and binding.


            American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI)


            American Society for Mech. Engineers (ASME)


            American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)


            American Wire Gauge (AWG)


            Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engrs. (IEEE)


            Instrument society of America (ISA)


            National Electrical Code (NEC)


            National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)


            United States of America standards (USAS)


            Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)


            Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA)


IS:778               Gun Metal gate, globe & check valves for general purpose.


IS:780               Sluice valves for water works purposes (50 to 300 mm)


IS:1239 Mild Steel tubes & fittings.


IS:2379 Colour for the identification of pipe line.


IS:2906 Sluice valves for water work purposes.


IS:3589 Electrically welded steel pipes for water, gas & sewage

(200 to 2000 mm)


IS:5312 Swing check type reflux (non return) valves.


IS:1520 Horizontal centrifugal pump for clean, cold fresh water.


IS:5120 Centrifugal pump for clean, cold & fresh water.


ANSI B 31.1     Code for pressure piping.


Hydraulic institute Standards of U.S.A.


ASTM-D-2234              Standard Methods for collection of a Gross Sample of Coal.


ASTM-D-2013              Standard Method of Preparing Coal Samples for Analysis.


IS:3938 Specification for Electric Wire Rope Hoist


IS:3832 Hand operated chain pulley blocks


IS:2429 Round steel short link chain


IS:3109 Short link chain grade M(4)


IS:3815             Points hooks with shank for general engineering purposes


IS:210               Cast Iron Castings

IS:4682 Code of practice for lining of vessels and equipment

 for chemical processes.


IS:226               Structural Steel (Standard Quality)


IS:11592           Code of practice for selection and design of Belt



            IS:3823 Dimensions for vibrating conveyors and feeders

with rectangular or trapezoidal trough.


IS:3688 Dimensions for shaft ends


IS:3681 General plan for spur & helical gears


IS:7403 Code of practice for selection of standard worm

and helical gear boxes




            NEC                 For electronic circuit enclosures.


                        IS:11547           Electronic weighing in motion system.


                        IS:3588 Specification for electrical axial flow fans.


IS:2312 Propeller type AC Ventilation fans


IS:3963 Specification for roof-extractor units


IS:4894 Centrifugal Fans


IS:655               Specification for Metal Air Duct


ARI:210            Standard for Unitary air conditioning equipment.


ARI:270            Standard for application, installation and servicing of

unitary equipment.


IS:8183 Specification for bonded mineral wool.


IS:661               Thermal insulation for cold surfaces.


IS:4671 Expanded polystyrene for thermal insulation purpose.


IS:8148 Packaged Air conditioners.


“Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials” published by Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers’ Association.


IS:7155             Codes of Practice for Conveyor Safety.


IS:1891 (Part-I) General Purpose Belting


IS:8598             Idlers and Idler Sets for Belt Conveyors


IS:4009 (Part-II)            Conical Head Grease Nipples


IS:3531             Pulleys for Belt Conveyors.


IS:226                           Structural Steel (Standard Quality)


IS:4682             Codes of Practice for Lining of Vessels and

Equipment for Chemical Processes.


IS:11592                       Code of practice for selection and design of

Belt Conveyors.


                        CAN / CASA – M422 M87  : Canadian standard association.



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