Spec Coal Handling Plant

October 31, 2008

1.0.0 Specification of Coal Handling Plant

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1.0.0                 Intent of Specification  


                        This specification is intended to cover the following activities and services in respect of all the equipments of Coal Handling Plant for 2×500 MW units.


1.1.0                 Scheme of Coal Handling System


1.1.1                 Coal shall be transported to the plant in bottom discharge wagon rakes and shall be unloaded in under ground R.C.C. Track hopper.


1.1.2                 Six (6) number paddle (Rotary plough) feeders, each of 800 T/Hr rated capacity shall be installed at the bottom of the Track hopper to scoop the coal from track hopper and feed coal on to the underground conveyors 1A/1B. There shall be three paddle feeders on each conveyor of which two shall work simultaneously and one shall remain stand by.


1.1.3                 Two (2) nos. In-Line Magnetic separators to remove tramp iron pieces shall be mounted on the discharge end of conveyors 3A/3B. The rated capacity of each conveyor in coal handling plant shall be1600 TPH.


1.1.4                 Conveyor 1A/1B will discharge coal on conveyor 2A/2B in transfer point TP-1.  Conveyor 2A/2B will carry coal to Primary Crusher House for crushing coal from 300mm to (-) 150mm. In the Primary crusher House each of the conveyor 2A and 2B shall transfer coal to separate sets of two Crushers through feeders, such that coal flow may be properly distributed to the crushers in service. There shall be Four (4) numbers rotary breakers each of 800 TPH capacity with two (2) normally working and two as standby. Provision shall be made such that all the four crushers may run when both streams are required to operate.


1.1.5                 Two (2) nos. belt weigh scales shall be provided on conv. 1A/1B for weighing the coal received in the track hopper.


1.1.6                 Conveyor 3A/3B will convey coal to Secondary Crusher house which shall have four (4) Crushers each of 800 TPH capacity. Coal from each incoming conveyor 3A/3B to crushers will pass through a set of two nos. dedicated vibrating roller screens so that maintenance of equipment, hopper, chutes in either stream does not affect the operation of other stream.


1.1.7                 Each roller screen shall be of 800 TPH capacity. The four (4) Crushers, each of 800 MTPH capacity, shall crush the coal to (-) 20 mm size. Input coal above 20 mm size shall be fed to the crushers. Both, the screened coal below 20 mm size and crushed coal shall be discharged either onto conveyor 4A/4B or to  or or to stacking yard Conveyor No. 8. From conveyor 4A/4B, normally the crushed coal will be fed on Conveyor 5A/5B for onward transmission to Conveyor 6A/6B through the transfer point2 (TP-2), TP-3 and TP-4.  In TP-2 and TP-3, provision shall be kept for feeding the coal to one future conveyor for second future Stacker-cum-Reclaimer and Conveyor for extension stage if required.


1.1.8                 Stacker-cum-Reclaimer is envisaged for stock-yard having reversible conveyor 8 as yard conveyor. The feeding of coal from conv. 8 on boom conveyor of SR shall take place during stacking mode. Yard conv. 8 shall discharge coal on conv. 9A/9B at TP-6 while on reclaim mode.


1.1.9                 At TP-5, conveyor 6A/6B will discharge coal onto conveyor 7A/7B. Two (2) nos. In-line magnetic separators (ILMS) shall be provided over the discharge end of conveyor 6A/6B for extraction of tramp magnetic pieces.


1.1.10               Two (2) nos. belt scales shall be provided on conveyor 6A/6B for weighing the coal received from stock yard.


1.1.11               Conveyor 6A/6B shall discharge coal onto bunker bay conveyors 7A/7B at TP-5.


1.1.12               One (1) no. Travelling Tripper mounted on each of the conveyors 7A/7B shall feed coal into Raw coal bunkers of the boiler units.


1.1.13               One (1) no.  stacker cum reclaimer (S/R) machine of 1600 TPH rated capacity shall be provided on yard conveyor 8. The S/R machine shall operate on rails for stacking/reclaiming the coal in the stock yard area. During reclaiming the coal shall be conveyed to the yard conveyor 8 by reclaiming operation of S/R machine and shall be fed to conveyor 9A/9B at TP-6. During stacking mode of operation of the machine, coal from crusher house shall be fed to yard conveyor 8. One belt scale shall be provided on Yard Conveyor.


1.1.14               Two nos. coal sampling units  shall be installed one each at crusher house and TP-4 to sample the coal of (-) 150 mm size and (-) 20 mm size respectively.


1.1.15               In the event of direct flow through 1A/!B, 2A/2B, 3A/3B, 4A/4B is not resorted, then the coal will be reclaimed from coal heap with the help of S/R and chain of conveyor No. 8, 9A/9B and 10A/10B and will be transfer crushed coal to conveyor 6A/6B at TP-4


1.1.16               In the case of S/R being out of order and crushed coal is required to be reclaimed, six emergency underground reclamation hoppers shall be provided on conveyor No. 9A/9B. The coal from crushed coal heaps shall be dozed into these hoppers with the help of Bull-Dozer.

1.3.0 System Design Basis

1.4.0 Spare Parts

1.6.0 Equipment Specification

1.8.0 Testing and Inspection


1. M/s. TRF Ltd.,11, Station Road,, Jamshedpur-831007
Phone: 2271286-293 Fax: 2227105
2. M/s. Elecon Engg. Co. Ltd.,Anand Sojitra Rdfoad,
Vallabh Vidya Nagar – 388120, Gujarat
Phone : 237016-17 Fax: 236457
3. M/s. Thyssenkrupp India Ltd.,Pimpri, Pune – 411018, Maharashtra (India)
Phone : 27425350
4. M/s. L&T Ltd.Mount Poonamallee Road,

Manapakam, Post Bag No. 979,

Chennai – 600 089.

5.Tecpro Systems Ltd 


106, Vishwadeep Tower,
Plot No.4, District Centre,
Janakpuri, New Delhi-110 058
Ph: +91 11 4503 8735
Fax:+91 11 4503 8734

6. M/s Mc Nally Baharat
7th Floor 4 Mangoe Lane


7. M/s MBE Lignite Handling
7th Floor 4 Mangoe Lane

8.Energo Engineering Projects Ltd

Add: A-57/4, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II,

New Delhi 110020
Tel: 011-26385323/28/29/38
Fax: 011-26385333
E mail: energo@energoindia.com






1.2.0 Scope of Work

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1.2.0                 Scope of Work


The work shall include but not limited to the following:


1.2.1                 Mechanical Equipment              Six (6) Nos. Paddle feeders, complete with all electricals, rails, supporting structures, end stops, cable reeling drums, trailing cables and necessary accessories.              Complete Belt Conveying Systems including Conveyor Nos. 1A/1B, 2A/2B, 3A/3B, 4A/4B, 5A/5B, 6A/6B, 7A/7B, 8, 9A/9B and 10A/10B complete with conveyor supporting structures, short supports, stringers, deck plate, seal plate etc. drive motors, drive units, pulleys, idlers, gravity take ups, take up structure upto ground level, internal and external belt wipers, pull chord switches, belt sway and zero speed switches, electro-hydraulic thruster brakes, all electricals etc. including all civil, structural and architectural works for conveyor gallery, gallery supporting trestles and their associated foundations.              Tripper floor belt conveyors 7A/7B in the bunker building complete with conveyor supporting structures, short supports, stringers, deck plate, seal plate etc. drive motors, drive units, pulleys, idlers, gravity take ups with guides upto ground level excluding the take-up structure, internal and external belt wipers, pullchord switches, belt sway and zero speed switches, electro-hydraulic thruster brakes etc. and all electricals etc.              Yard conveyor 8 complete with conveyor supporting structures, short supports, stringers, deck plates, etc., drive motors, drive units, pulleys, idlers, take-ups, take-up structure, internal and external belt wipers, pull – chord switches, belt sway and zero speed switches, electro hydraulic thruster brakes, all electricals, etc. including all civil, structural and architectural works and their associated foundations.              Four (4) Nos. Vibrating feeders in Primary Crusher House complete with drives, all mechanical, electrical and accessories. Four Nos. Rotary Breakers complete with drives, all mechanical, electrical including civil and structural works.              Two (2) numbers crusher house (one primary crusher house and one secondary crusher house) complete with all civil, structural, architectural and electrical works etc accommodating four nos. crushers and associated vibrating grizzly feeders, gates etc., goods cum passenger lift, conveyors, chute work alongwith actuator operated flap gates, hoists and other equipment such as coal sampling unit, dust suppression & ventilation system etc. as specified elsewhere.              Four (4) nos. roller Screens (in secondary crusher house) complete with drives, all mechanical, electricals and accessories.              Four (4) nos. crushers complete with drives, all mechanical, electricals including civil & structural works, vibration isolation system with springs & viscous dampers, vibration monitoring system etc.              Four (4) sets of Gates each comprising of one rod gate and one actuator operated rack & pinion gate at inlet to each of the above vibrating roller screens complete with drives, all mechanical, electrical,  structural works etc.            Transfer point TP1 alongwith under ground tunnel and pent  house PH-I, TP-6 alongwith underground tunnel and pent house PH’ and drive house for yard conveyor 8 complete with all civil, structural, architectural and   electrical works including  chutes,  monorails, hoists/chain pulley  blocks, hoist maintenance platforms,  RCC/steel floors, external staircases, hand rails etc.  All transfer points shall have separate debris disposal chute right up to the ground floor.            All mechanical, electrical equipment to be housed in Transfer points TP-1, TP-2, TP-3, TP-4, T.P-5, T.P-6, T.P-7,  drive house of yard conveyor and pent houses including chutes, maintenance / operating platforms, Monorails, electric hoists etc.            One (1) no. stacker cum reclaimer machine having rated capacity of 1600 TPH/ 1600 TPH complete with all equipment and conveyors, structural, electricals, cable reeling drums, all trailing cables and accessories, rails, rail foundations, fixing and grouting of rails  and other associated civil & structural works to operate in conjunction with yard conveyor 8.            Complete chute work along with chute block switches and actuator operated flap gates between various conveyors and equipment at all transfer points and crusher house.            Three (3) Nos. passenger – cum – goods elevators with drives, all mechanical, civil, structural & associated foundation works, accessories and electricals to serve various floors of the Primary and secondary Crusher House (CH) and TP-5            Two (2) Nos. motorized Travelling Trippers, One (1) each on conveyor 7A/7B. Trippers shall be complete with all mechanical, electrical equipment, rails, rail supporting structure (any structural stools, if required), cables with cable reeling drum, all trailing cables, brakes, rail clamp etc.  Grid/ grating over the bunker slot on tripper floor is to be provided by the bidder.


                        The drive chain equipment for conveyor 7A/7B therefore shall first be placed at the end of unit no. 1 bunkers for commissioning of unit no. 1 and shall be later shifted at the end of the bunker bay at the time of commissioning of unit no. 2.  Bidder’s scope of work shall include shifting of the drive chain equipment for conveyors 7A/7B for unit no.2 commissioning including its associated civil and electrical works and making good the bunker floor after shifting of the drive chain equipment to its ultimate location for unit no. 2 commissioning.       Adequate number of ventilation for ventilating the track hopper, TP-1, underground portion of conveyor 1A/1B, under ground portion of TP-6 and under ground portion of conv. 9A/9B and bunker bay (housing tripper conveyors) complete with all mechanical, electrical, civil and structural works.            Pressurised Ventilation system for all HT Switchgear room, MCC rooms and S&T room complete with all mechanical, electricals, accessories, civil and structural works.            Air conditioning of Main CHP control room; operator’s cabin & MCC room on Stacker/Reclaimer complete with all electricals, civil & structural works etc.            Minimum nine (9) Nos. sump pumps six (6) nos. in track hopper and three (3) nos. sump pumps each in underground tunnel and Transfer point of Conveyor no. 9A/9B complete with motors, local control panel, level switches, individual discharge piping with fittings and valves to nearest plant drain as specified and as indicated elsewhere.            Two (2) Nos. coal sampling units, one for (-) 300 mm size coal complete with all accessories and electricals, supporting structures, approach/ maintenance platforms in unit, in crusher house and one for (-) 20 mm size coal in TP-4 complete with all accessories and electricals, supporting structures, approach/ maintenance platforms.            One (1) No. belt vulcanising machines of adequate size complete with all mechanical, electricals, accessories and consumables.            Four (4) Nos. Inline Magnetic Separators, complete with reject chutes, reject bins, and all mechanical, supporting arrangement, electricals, civil, structural works and accessories.            Four (4) Nos. Electronic Belt weighers complete with all mechanical, supporting arrangement, electricals, and accessories.            Complete dust suppression system for control of fugitive dust in track hopper, paddle feeder, transfer points, crusher house, coal stock yard complete with pump houses, water tanks, pumps, drives, piping, valves etc.            Belt Sealing arrangement in Bunker bays to operate in conjunction with tripper for control of dust coming out of R.C. Bunkers.            Suitable monorails and electrically operated hoist blocks as well as hand operated chain pulley blocks for servicing/ installation / easy replacement of drive machinery, different types of pulleys for all conveyors, GTU and other equipment from ground level to all locations. Electric hoist provided at bunker (Tripper) floor and all transfer houses/crusher house shall also be able to lift  one belt drum (including wooden/ Steel drum) safely.


1.2.2                 Electricals


Two nos. 11 kV feeders and two nos. 3.3 kV supply feeders shall be provided from 11 kV & 3.3 kV station board for feeding entire CHP.


The scope of work shall include, but not limited to the following:              3.3 KV CHP Switchgears to feed HT drives including Stacker Reclaimer and auxiliary transformers.              Auxiliary Transformers :


a)                Two (2) nos. 11/3.45 kV, ONAN, out door transformers for 3.3 KV CHP Switchgear.


b)               3.3 / 0.433 KV, ONAN, out door transformers for each of the CHP MCC-I, II, III.


c)                One (1) no. 3.3/0.433 KV, Dry type indoor Transformer for S/R machine              Three (3) nos. of 415 V CHP MCCs to feed LT loads of entire coal handling plant. These three CHP MCCs are proposed to be located as follows :


a)         MCC-II in the MCC room near Track hopper area.


b)         MCC-I in the switchgear room at CHP control room building near             Secondary Crusher House.


c)         MCC-III in the MCC room near Transfer Tower.              One (1) no. of 415 V Stacker/Reclaimer MCC.              3.3 KV segregated phase bus ducts from 11/3.45 KV transformer to 3.3 KV CHP switchgear alongwith bends, terminations, supports etc.              Control desk and Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) :


a)                Main control desk with CRT/keyboard and large video screen, PLC panels, remote I/O racks etc. for the control of the entire coal handling plant.


b)               PLC system with control desk and I/O racks etc. for Stacker/ Reclaimer machine.              AC distribution boards as required.              Six (6) nos. DC distribution boards (2 Nos. each at the location of MCC-I, II, III.              Local push button stations for all drives.            Internal and external illumination system for the complete CHP & coal stock yard, including track hoppers, TPs/ conveyors in bunker area etc.            3.3 KV and 1.1 KV grade FRLS, XLPE/ PVC, AI/Cu, Armoured power, control, trailing and special cables for the complete system


a)         between equipment supplied under this specification.


b)         between equipment supplied under this specification and   Purchaser’s equipments.            Cable trenches / trestles including trays and supporting arrangement etc., required for the cables including laying & termination / jointing etc.                        Earthing and lightning protection system for all equipment and buildings.                        Close circuit TV system.                        Grouting of bolt holes and underside of base plates.            One (1) No. Main CHP control building located adjacent to the secondary Crusher House to house Main Control Desk, PLC panels for the coal handling plant on the first floor and 3.3 KV CHP switchgear, 415V CHP MCCs  DCDB, lighting panels etc. on the ground floor.  Associated auxiliary outdoor transformers shall be located suitably adjacent to the building.            Two (2) no. MCC rooms each  to be located near T.P-1 and T.P-5. Each MCC room shall have 415V CHP MCC-1 and CHP-MCC-II respectively, lighting distribution boards, DCDB, I/O panel etc. Associated auxiliary outdoor transformers shall be located suitably adjacent to the building.            One (1) no. S&T (signalling & telecommunication) building to be located at exit of  track hopper.            All MCC room buildings shall be complete with all electrical, civil, structural, architectural works, cable trenches, fire safety walls, foundation / fencing / earthing for transformers etc.                        All cable/duct tanks/trenches/trestles including civil & structural works.              Control & Instrumentation


                        Operation and Control Philosophy


                        The coal handling system shall be controlled from the following control points.              Coal Handling Plant Main Control Room


Overall, operation of the following equipment of Coal Handling Plant shall be controlled from the main CHP control room.


a)         Conveyors, feeders, flap gates, R & P gates, crushers, Vibrating Roller Screens.


            b)         Paddle feeders (running status with stop facilities).


            c)         Complete Dust Suppression system & service water system.


            d)         Ventilation system (group/individual control as required).


            e)         Vibration Monitoring System


            f)          In line Magnetic separators (ON/OFF control with indication).


            g)         Coal Sampling Systems (ON/OFF control with indication).


            h)         Belt weigher (ON/OFF control with indication)


            i)          Stacker Reclaimer (ON/OFF status with stop facilities).


            j)          Mobile trippers over bunkers (tripper position indications).              Local Control Panels


            Local control stations for following equipment’s shall be provided


            a)         Paddle feeders along with its dust suppression system


            b)         Mobile trippers over bunkers


            c)         Coal Sampling units


            d)         Belt Weighers


            e)         Electric hoist – wall mounted control box with pendent push button                                    controls.


f)                In line magnetic separators


g)                Sump Pump


h)               Suspended Magnet


All the above local control panels shall be accessible and located near their respective equipment and shall be complete with all the required controls, interlocks, annunciation’s etc. Further, necessary controls, indications and annunciation’s for all the above equipment shall also be provided at main CHP Control Room as described under relevant clause.              Stacker / Reclaimer Control Room


The entire control & operation of Stacker Reclaimer machine shall be from the operator’s cabin on the machine itself.              In addition to the remote control of various equipment’s, local stop push button stations shall be provided for all equipment.


Track hopper to the reclaim conveyor shall be controlled from the paddle feeder itself based on instructions from main control room. 


1)         The following equipment will not come under interlock of the        conveyor scheme.


            2)         Belt sway switch – not operated


3)               Under speed switch – closed at 90% speed of the conveyor within designed accelerating time.


            4)         Motor protection – not tripped


            5)         Local stop PB – reset


6)         Chute Block switch – not operated.  Two such switches shall be provided.


            7)         End of travel limit switches – reset.              Annunciation System:


The mimic panel cum Control desk shall be provided with adequate number of facia type annunciation windows operating through PLC for audio-visual fault annunciation purposes. Wherever group annunciation is provided, alarm status of individual equipment shall be provided on CRT.

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